Product Care

Our pieces are produced in the heart of our Parisian Atelier and that in the respect of the best leather traditions. We select the most noble skins to develop our pieces. However these leathers may have natural characteristics such as fine lines, veins or other light marks of time making them both exceptional and wonderful.

Each piece is unique and numbered which guarantees its authenticity.

Nevertheless this product must require all your attention:

You must respect its format and not overload it so that it keeps its shape over the years. You must protect it from moisture.

If it is wet, dry it by dabbing with an absorbent cloth, which does not lint. Avoid any friction that could alter the color of the leather.

Do not use a waterproofing product to protect your product, it will damage it.

Do not expose the product to the sun, near a heat source, or in contact with materials that may transfer their colored pigments to the product, or cause discoloration or yellowing of the material.

Avoid contact with oily products such as make-up, perfume, or any other chemical substance.

Do not use cleaning products or cosmetic milks to clean the leather, but only products specially designed for.

When you don’t use it, it should be stored in its box, ideally by filling it with tissue paper.

For any other information concerning the maintenance of your piece, contact us at the following email address

One of our specialists will advise you and accompany you in the procedure to follow.

Leather Care

Full grain leather: A leather that has not been treated to remove its imperfections.

Glossy smooth finish leather or matte finish: these two finishes are transparent and contain very little dye, which gives the skin this natural look. The glossy smooth finish is achieved by a manual polishing process using an agate cylinder. The skin is then placed on a plate at high temperature to remove the remaining moisture. This finish is quickly altered by moisture or drops, which can cause a loss of gloss. This phenomenon is unfortunately irreversible and can not be considered as a quality defect.

Metallic leather: it is a fragile and delicate material. Also, the metallic appearance can fade when worn, especially at the corner and edges.

Patent leather: it is a material covered with a gloss varnish, but which remains fragile. Make sure that your article does not come into prolonged contact with dark matter that may stain (migration phenomenon), especially for light-colored patent leather. We also advise you to avoid prolonged exposure to light because it can alter the color of your article over time. This phenomenon is natural and related to the pigments used to varnish the leather.

Velvet or nubuck leather: these are delicate materials that can transfer their color to other materials. Also, we recommend avoiding prolonged and repeated contact with different colors. Also, limit wearing, especially with light clothing.

Exotic leather: it is particularly sensitive to moisture. If the item is wet, dry it immediately by dabbing with an absorbent cloth and not linting. Do not use maintenance / renovation products or cosmetic milks.

Embroidered leather: the embroidery is done in a traditional way. The construction of a bag embellished with an embroidery or weaving is delicate. Also, we recommend to avoid prolonged contact and repeated rubbing with delicate materials, such as wool, silk …