Each sketch is previously imagined, imaged, thought, redesigned and drawn by Victoire the creator of the Maison. Obscured by the attention of detail Victoire draws not accessories but real emblems of your personality. Offering the opportunity to emancipate, to suggest and express yourselves through the pieces.

Handmade in the heart of our Parisian Atelier and this in the respect of the best leather goods traditions. Our pieces are made entirely of leathers and certified exotic skins. The design of our pieces consists of a succession of key steps entirely made by hand.

Slice dyes emphasize and contrast the clean lines of our products. They are then polished with beeswax protecting the seams and making them waterproof, and durable over time.

We select the most noble skins to develop our pieces in collaboration with three renowned French tanneries. Exotic skins come from the United States and are certified by CITES regulations.

The thread used for all our seams comes from the prestigious Maison Gutermann. Resitant it offers our products strength, quality and durability.

Our emblem as a signature. It emphasizes the character of our products, and elegantly marks the history of our products. Our pieces are numbered thus guaranteeing their authenticity. Each emblem of the Maison is branded  by hand directly on the leather.